Despite fairly disastrous theatrical experiences so far, Larry The Cable Guy (aka Daniel Whitney) and his Blue Collar standup friends are pressing forward with their cinematic careers, this time with a comedy called Delta Farce (yes, even the title is frightfully clever). Though Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie was a box office bomb for Warner Brothers (it cost only $2 million, but grossed a paltry $604,000), and Whitney's own star vehicle, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector had some rough times (According to Variety, the film had a $45 opening night -- no, I've not left off any zeros -- in the Bronx. Can you imagine?), anything Blue Collar-related makes big money on DVD sales, which probably explains why studios keep coming back for more.

Delta Farce
will star Whitney, Bill Engvall, and a third Blue Collar comedian (there's a massive, Blue Collar cage match scheduled for later this week: the winner gets the gig) as "inept, Iraq-bound Army reservists who are mistakenly dropped into Mexico and liberate a small village from marauders." The movie starts shooting next month, and Lionsgate will have it in theaters in spring, 2007. Gee, I can hardly wait.
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