For most of us, embarrassing personal moments and ill-advised decisions are relegated to the trash heap of memory, mercifully forgotten by all but ourselves, and a select unfortunate few who happened to be along for the ride. Or, if you're Jeff Goldblum, you make a movie, preserving the debacle for posterity.

That movie is Pittsburgh, a very funny, sometimes painful documentary(ish) record of Goldblum's 2004 decision to quit Hollywood for a few months and join his fiance Catherine Wreford on stage in a production of The Music Man in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Recording the process from start to finish, beginning with Goldblum's presentation of the idea to his friends and thoroughly disapproving agent, and ending with the show's triumphant opening night, the film serves a dual purpose. First, it is a way of (publicly) preserving for Goldblum a strange few months of his life. Second, it gives him a chance to experiment with the documentary form, and to play with the always-mediated version of reality that such films present.