Say you're Ashton Kutcher. You spent roughly 34 years starring in a wildly-popular sitcom, and you're dating a really hot older woman. You also created a couple of very successful tv shows, one of which (Beauty and the Geek) is incredibly sweet, while the other (Punk'd) is evil and cruel and people love it. You've never had a massive movie hit, but you're making some damn good money out Hollywood-way, and life is pretty much sweeter than sweet.

So, one day you and your buddy Kevin Bisch (he wrote Hitch -- hey, when you're Ashton, you don't hang with just anybody) decide to bang out a comedy pitch together. Just for kicks, you know. Something to pass the time. Once the pitch is sorta polished, you wander over to Columbia to tell them about the idea, a "modern-day Shampoo, set amid the world of florists." And, because everyone loves florists, they said "Ashton, here's what we're gonna do: We'll give you guys $1.5 million for the idea, fast-track the movie into production, and let you star. I mean, if it's cool with you and all." And you yawn, and give them a high-five. Just another day in the life of the Great Ashton.
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