Some projects seem perpetually doomed to never make it to the silver screen. We hear whispers and rumors, various directors and actors claim interest ... but they just never turn into reality. Among those films has long been a big screen adaptation of the DC Comic book The Flash, which has been rumored to be in the works since roughly the Lincoln administration. There was definite hope when a major announcement was made in 2004 with David Goyer officially attached as a director, but after the announcement the whole thing seemed to die again. Goyer is now talking about his old buddy Wally West* again, and says a movie is far from dead -- in fact, he has the script finished and is working on revisions, with plans to take it to the studio as early as next month. Goyer also still plans to cast Ryan Reynolds as The Flash.

Insert your own joke about how a movie called The Flash took so long to bring about here, because the only ones I can come up with are far too corny for even my semi-professional ramblings. Okay, maybe that's a lie -- but I'm managing to restrain myself for now. If I have to post about this again in the future, you may not be safe ...

*Presumably Wally West. I suppose it could just as well be Jay Garrick or Barry Allen.
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