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Mission: Impossible III movie

Without further adieu, let me kick things off with the scoop on a little movie called 'Mission: Impossible III.'I had high expectations going in. I mean, you've got the most bankable movie star on the planet in Tom Cruise teaming up with 'Lost' creator/TV "It" guy J.J. Abrams -- so if the flick sucks it's gonna be devastating to Scientologists and "Tailies" everywhere. Fortunately, 'M:i:III' doesn't suck. In fact, it does the opposite of suck. Actually ... that would mean it blows, so that's not right either. Let's just say it kicks ass. If there were a Martha Stewart recipe for summer action, this would have all the ingredients mixed to perfection. Gloriously dizzying spectacle? Check. High-octane thrills? Check. Obligatory scene with Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle? Check. Conveniently vague yet action-driven plot involving the pursuit an unspecified chemical weapon known as "The Rabbit's Foot"? Check. And last -- but certainly not least -- a trio of hot women (Michelle Monaghan, Keri Russell, Maggie Q) beating the crap out of bad guys? Check. Check. Check.

Come back tomorrow for my list of five reasons why this is Tom Cruise's best 'Mission' yet.

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