You know that Jimi Hendrix biopic that's been in the news lately? The one that Quentin Tarantino is totally directing, except he doesn't actually know anything about it? Well, it turns out that getting to the bottom of the Tarantino issue is something of a moot point, because a British court ruled on Wednesday that John Hillman, the man who was the supposed source of the necessary song and life rights for Dragonslayer Films' Hendrix film, doesn't actually own them. Oops. Instead, those rights are owned by Experience Hendrix, a company run by the musician's daughter, Janie.

So far, there's been no response from Dragonslayer. In fact, if you visit their website soon, you'll see the "official announcement" of Tarantino's likely involvement in the Hendrix project right there on the front page. According to that release, "Tarantino would have full access to Hendrix's music [and] likeness ... to tell the real shocking story." Or, you know, not. Given Tarantino's immediately denial, one has to wonder if the people at Dragonslayer just made this whole thing up to get a little publicity. If that's the case, it's working -- how many people had even heard of them before this debacle?
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