It looks as if J-Horror will continue to have an impact on American horror flicks. Take Ichise, the producer that brought us the original Japanese movies that were remade into The Grudge, TheRing and Dark Water, has signed a three-year production deal with 20th Century Fox, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The man who brought us a videotape that kills people though, was not a horror buff to begin with, per se. In fact, one of his favorite American movies is said to be Babe. (Officially, I guess the title is Babe, the Gallant Pig). In fact, Ichise made a family comedy called All About My Dog, which is all about people's obsession with their dogs (at first it was just called Dog Film). I love it. According to Ichise, "Everybody so far who has seen it, cried." Aww.
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