According to IGN via a couple different sources (Daily Express and in the UK, Daniel Craig will be shooting back-to-back Bonds with the 22nd film in the franchise gearing up for a release in 2007. Get it -- 007 in 007? Isn't that just adorable? I can envision the massive marketing campaign behind the bad boy right now ... and I can also envision poking fun of it numerous times on this website. We're not even halfway through 2006 and I'm already craving 2007. Go figure.

While producer Barbara Broccoli has already confirmed a follow up to Casino Royale, not much else has been heard except that it was in its early stages and the story would pick up where Royale leaves off. However, both sources are quoted as saying there will be a new Bond in 2007 and that Craig will have to shoot back-to-back, allowing time in between to promote Royale.

Like IGN, while it may be true that Broccoli and company would like to release another Bond in 2007, it seems impossible for them shoot both films back-to-back seeing as, supposedly, a script for the 22nd film isn't finished yet, no one (except for Craig) has been cast, locations aren't set and, well, that's a lot to do in, like, a couple months. Look at the crap producers went through casting Casino Royale alone, imagine trying to cast another film before the first even hits theaters? Your thoughts?


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