Matt Riklin, once a Showtime executive, recently founded Bridge Films with the stated goal of finding foreign films that are "culturally neutral" (so they can be relocated to Buffalo) and "fully realized" (so no has to be paid for major rewrites), and buying the remake rights. Bridge will have 10 representatives in countries around the world, keeping an eye on the national cinemas of countries like Brazil, Italy, France, and Japan. Though the company is currently focused on acquisition of right and not production, Riklin hopes to eventually get involved in making the films, as well. Among the three films to which Bridge has already acquired remakes right is Backstage, the French film about obsessive fandom that was just picked up for US distribution by Strand Distributing.

Woo hoo! Thank you Matt -- an your team of determined buyers -- for saving us from the horror of reading subtitles, having to look at actors who don't look familiar, and watching things happen in foreign cities. We really owe you, man. Sigh.

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