This fanboy is very excited, because the rumors of the Silver Surfer appearing in the new Fantastic Four movie have resurfaced with a vengeance. According to Moviehole there are currently two scripts floating around in conjunction with the new Four flick, and both include the team's long-time buddy the Silver Surfer.  This does, of course, mean the existence of a Silver Surfer standalone movie will need to be canned -- at least for the time being. However, if his origin story is covered in FF, an eventual movie could jump straight into the plot without nearly as much background information as most superhero movies need in their first flick.

Thrilled? Yes, for two reasons. First, I just love the Surfer and I've been jonesing for his appearance for quite some time. Ever since rumors of his own movie started popping up I've been praying for him to make it into a Fantastic movie -- it just seems appropriate for him to start there instead of with his own film. Second, we all know what the Surfer was doing when he first met the Four, which definitely means we're going to be encountering Galactus in this film. Bring on the world eater! Okay, maybe three reasons.  I'm also excited to see movie magic give me a big screen treatment of  the Surfer using the Power Cosmic.
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