There are few comic book movie sequels I look forward to with more glee than Del Toro's return to Hellboy. I, like most fans, was thrilled with the first film's faithful adaptation of a very good comic book and have since been eagerly awaiting Hellboy 2. And, according to Ron Perlman himself, my wishes just got closer to being granted. Perlman said he was recently speaking to someone "intimately involved" with the sequel, and was told "May 1 was a great day in the genesis of turning Hellboy 2 into a reality." This means, said Perlman, they are incredibly close; it's currently just a matter of "pushing numbers around" until all involved parties are happy. Perlman also indicated he would not be surprised if a final announcement was made in the very near future.

In reading his comments, it is obvious that Perlman shares the excitement of Hellboy fans for a return to the franchise. This sort of eager anticipation on the part of an actor is far more satisfying than say ... the Halle Berry disputes or Alan Cumming's sudden disappearance from the X-verse. It may not be quite as over the top as Mickey Rourke moving to Austin to be nearer to Robert Rodriguez -- but that was really a bit much anyway, even if the movie was awesome.
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