Back in January, former Vice President Al Gore impressed our own Kim Voynar with a sizzling Sundance Q&A session after a screening of his documentary An Inconvenient Truth. At the time, Kim aptly noted the Veep's two separate modes -- Captain Boring and Fiery Desk Pounder -- and Fiery Desk Pounder Gore has recently been out on the stump for his new documentary about the dangers of global warming. Wait ... we're calling it global climate change these days, aren't we?  Whatever the issue is being called currently, Gore remains impressively passionate about it, and in talking with the Chicago Sun Times, he cracked wise in declaring his documentary to be the "ultimate action movie." This is by way of being a clever suggestion about his film inspiring citizens to action, which would in turn inspire politicians to action.* There's some more information in the article (which you can read here) about Gore's future political ambitions, but this site is a movie blog, not a politics blog, and this blogger knows better than to go there.

My question for you, readers, is how far pushed is your tolerance for political issue-oriented documentaries? Are you really into them, and glad they exist as another tool for furthering the debate, or do you just perceive them as yet another method for the talking heads to scream at each other while playing fast and loose with the facts?

*Okay, so this might not be top-notch comedy, but cut the man a break -- for a politician this is actually pretty high level stuff. Let's remember that in his world Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh are the closest things he can find to comedy.
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