While discussing the DVD release of Henson Co's TV show Dinosaurs in a recent interview with Now Playing, Brian Henson dropped a few tantalizing details about two highly anticipated upcoming Henson film projects: Dark Crystal 2 and Fraggle Rock: The Movie. Yours truly is very excited about both these films, although the potential for destroying my childhood memories does make me a bit hesitant. Nonetheless, hope springs eternal! The information is as follows ...
  • Fraggle Rock, though already announced and definitely coming, is still in very early stages. It is the number two priority right now, but a script is being written. Henson said to consider the movie something of a "revisiting" of the classic characters, updated slightly to reflect the change in time. The characters we all know and love will remain the same -- but the story will likely not be a direct sequel to the old series. Henson indicated the plan is "to do something that sort of stands next to Fraggle Rock rather than [being] a continuation of [it]." This makes me a bit nervous, because I'm always hesitant when people try to "update" classic stories ... but the idea is sound, and the original cast is returning so hopefully it'll maintain the classic Fraggle Rock feel.
  • Dark Crystal 2 is the top priority for Henson right now, and is moving along with a full head of steam. According to Henson, "that one's pretty far along. It's got a good, strong script, a great vision for how to do it and we're just trying to [put it together]." They're attempting to recruit the original voice actors where possible, and bring in very good imitators when necessary.
  • And the final, crazy bit of news from Jim Henson's son is the studio's desire to return to the world of their cult classic Labyrinth. Henson described this idea by saying "Actually, we're talking about doing something different with Labyrinth but I can't really talk about it." The existence of such a film is highly contingent upon the success of Dark Crystal 2. This means get out there and watch DC2 at least a dozen times each and encourage your friends to do the same. And by encourage, I mean force.
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