While Jon Favreau is very excited for his upcoming Marvel project Iron Man, it has apparently left another project of his in doubt. Paramount put the official hold on John Carter of Mars for what is probably the 95th time in the project's long and failure-filled history. According to Sci Fi Wire, Carter is on hold pending the success of both Favreau's Iron Man flick and their new edition to the Star Trek franchise. When asked, Fav said  "It ain't happening now. Iron Man is my next film, and I hope that I get to do Carter as well. So that would, by definition, be not a priority for them." Fav indicated the work he has seen so far on Carter has been great, but the studio is now pursuing other sci-fi projects and has decided "the timing isn't right" for Carter -- which is of course studio code for "back to production hell with you, movie we no longer care about." Carter hopes an impressive performance on Iron Man will get the studio moving again on the much delayed project.

I've personally always wanted to see John Carter on the silver screen, but I suppose I'm willing to wait if it means a good Trek film and a good Iron Man film in the meantime. And of course if these projects are NOT good, it will probably be even longer until we see Carter, no doubt with yet another director's name attached.
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