Not convinced you want to drop nine bucks to watch Tom Cruise battle bad guys when you can see him battle Matt Lauer on TV for free? The following are five reasons why you should sign up for this 'Mission':

1) J.J. Abrams is no stranger to making big, crowd-pleasing summer blockbusters. This may be his motion-picture directorial debut, but he's also the guy who wrote the script for
Michael Bay's apocalyptically successful 'Armageddon' -- so he knows a thing or two about blowing stuff up and writing snappy one-liners. True, he's also responsible for writing 'Gone Fishin'' and 'Taking Care of Business,' but don't even pretend you don't like those movies.

2) Superspy Ethan Hunt (Cruise) gets a life. When the movie opens we get to see Ethan's ever-so-gentle side as he mingles with friends and canoodles with his fiance (Michelle Monaghan) at their engagement party. Awwww.

3) Um, did I mention the butt-kicking babes? Because they're like babes ... who kick butt. As Ethan Hunt's protege, Keri Russell flaunts her gunslinging skills in an intense warehouse firefight. Raven-haired beauty Monaghan, fresh off her sultry turn in the underrated
'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang,' plays nice for most of the film -- but damned if she doesn't know how to be naughty when it counts. And Maggie Q, a Vietnamese-American known mostly as a Hong Kong action star, makes a spalsh stateside as a lithe-bodied and lethal member of Hunt's spy team. Ladies, I salute you. To see more of this summer's fiesty foxes of action flicks, check out Moviefone's Badass Babes gallery.

4) Whatever your feelings are about Tom Cruise as a man, you have to respect Tom Cruise as an actor. Tommy Boy did most of his own stunts for 'M:i:III,' which included -- but are not limited to -- hurling himself from a flaming building, hanging out of a moving car with his head inches from the pavement and running down the side of a Shanghai rooftop. And you questioned his sanity.To see what I'm talking about check out all the
'M:i:II' trailers, clips and featurettes Moviefone has to offer. We have a bevy. That's right, you heard me. A bevy.

5) Just months after snagging an Oscar for playing nasally-voiced gay writer Truman Capote, Philip Seymour Hoffman turns in another great performance -- this time as a gruff, vile villain who wants to kill Ethan Hunt and his lady love 'In Cold Blood.' As much as I loved 'Capote,' I have to say that I haven't enjoyed a PSH performance so much since he "sharted" himself opposite Ben Stiller in 'Along Came Polly.' If you haven't seen that flick yet, go out and rent the DVD today and just fast forward to all the Philip Seymour Hoffman parts. You won't be disappointed.

Have a great Saturday,

Tommy D.
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