Here's an odd and somewhat unexpected bit of news from Joss Whedon regarding his script work on Wonder Woman. Apparently, Joss is going to avoid using any of the classic Wonder Woman villains in his new story,  instead opting to create a new nemesis. Joss has admitted to struggling more with this script than with anything he has previously written, because the studio has asked him to do quite a bit of rewriting. Whether or not the decision to go with a new hero comes from Joss or the studio is still unknown (if you've heard any info on that, please let us know).

It seems odd for a comic book film to depart so drastically from the actual story. I mean, it isn't like all comic book flicks are famous for their attention to canon or anything, but this is pretty big stuff. Now, before making my next statement I'm going to admit up front I've never been a reader of Wonder Woman -- I don't read a ton of DC and she just doesn't make the cut -- but as far as I can recall, there isn't really a strong rogues gallery for the character. Aside from Cheetah, who is really out there worth writing as a movie villain? DC fans, this is where you chime in and help me out.
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