Premiere Magazine's June issue is top-lined by their eagerly-awaited (I say that because I'm sure some people can't wait to read the thing, if only to see if they're on it. Right? Us peons tend to care slightly less.) annual power list. Though the magazine won't be on newsstands for a couple of weeks yet, the folks at ETonline (Remember those terrible days when we only had access to Entertainment Tonight for a half-hour every evening? I shudder at the mere memory.) have spilled the beans -- some of them, anyway. According to ET, Captain Crazy himself, Tom Cruise, comes it at #13, a spot that makes him the highest-ranked actor on the list. Other mega-powerful actors include a pair of list newbies, Reese Witherspoon (#29) and Keira Knightley (#45), as well as Vince Vaughn -- who, at #31, seems to be bizarrely high -- and Steve Carell (#33).

Before we start to analyze the list o' power too closely, however, we'd do well to check out Nikki Finke's disgusted dissection of the list at her blog, Deadline Hollywood. According to Finke, in addition to being irrelevant to 99% of the world, the list is used by Premiere essentially to please the people from who they need favors. She's been told that "the mag's editors and writers use the Power List to get that needed facetime during office sitdowns with the power players. That entrée fuels articles and covers for the next year." I don't know about you, but I am shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- by this news. Back-scratching? Narcissism? In Hollywood? Say it ain't so.
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