USA Today has our first look at Steve Carell as Evan Almighty and, by God, the man either looks like something out of the Bible or a leftover from a Grateful Dead show. Taking over where Jim Carrey left off, this sequel to Bruce Almighty will switch to follow Carell's character, who goes from news anchor to congressman.

The first half of the film will center around Evan Baxter's rising success in the political world, as he picks up his family and shuffles them off to Washington, D.C. God (Morgan Freeman) finally makes an appearance after he's summoned through prayer, and instructs Evan to build an ark before a great flood arrives. Evan attempts to play off his meeting with God -- however, hair begins to grow and, soon, the whole thing goes biblical on his ass. 

The picture above is Evan's final transformation, though he does sport several different looks throughout the film. Here are the names these looks were given: Mountain Man, Marlboro Man, The Unibomber, Ten Commandments, The Metrosexual and Longest Brown. While I felt Bruce Almighty became a little too preachy for me about halfway through, I'm thinking Evan Almighty is going to be a better film for some reason. I swear, it all came to me in a dream. The hairy dude hits theaters in June 2007.

[via Coming Soon]

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