Friends and readers alike always seem to be pretty surprised when I express my outspoken affection for the original Saw -- as if there's something wrong with being a passionate horror nerd who likes to spread the word on what he considers to be the finest in low-budget American horror flicks. My experience with the first Saw is a night I'll always remember: It was at Sundance, a good nine months before the flick would ultimately hit theaters. It was a midnight show that I (and a close pal) snagged some tickets for ... and we walked through some ridiculously cold weather to devour the movie. And I loved it. (My review of the original Saw is still the #1 most-read review at HBS -- by a very very large margin.)

So then the movie came out and I was very pleased to notice that I was not alone. Tons of hardcore gorehounds adored the movie just as much as I did. Cool. And then came the sequel, which I thought was also quite good -- if not exactly up to the standard of Part 1 -- and now, in addition to the last mini-report we filed, come a few new buzzings on Part 3: Series regulars Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, and Dina Meyer will be back, and they'll be joined by a few Saw newcomers named Bahar Soomekh (Mission: Impossible 3) and Angus Macfadyen (Braveheart). Plus the official site was just launched ... because Lionsgate is nothing if not fully adept at selling these flicks to their target audience. True, the site offers very little besides a new Saw 3 logo and a message board for the fans to rant on ... but sue me, I'm a fan. Some people get jazzed for X-Men or Harry Potter or Jim Carrey. Me, I dig the horror flicks.

Saw's second sequel with be directed by Darren Bousman, who I think did a darn fine job on Saw 2. Lionsgate has staked out 10/27 for the release date. Damn, I love October.
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