News of a film adaptation of the popular video game series Metal Gear Solid has been floating around the industry for a while now, but creator Hideo Kojima had remained silent about the whole affair until this week. Kojima finally broke his presumably self imposed silence on a Japanese radio station and confirmed the existence of a deal to bring his series to the silver screen. This was about all Kojima was willing to say, however, as he then insisted he couldn't talk about details such as a possible release date.

Despite a dismal track record for such films, Hollywood seems to be experiencing something of a rush on video game-based projects lately with some heavy-hitting titles on the way -- leading some to believe the negative karma surrounding the genre may be on the verge of breaking. I personally shudder (in a mostly good way) to think of the sheer wall of crazy that will be a movie script written by the insanely unpredictable mind of Hideo Kojima; the man uses plot twists as frequently as some writers use adjectives. This geek is personally holding out some hope for a good film, although I inherently distrust the thought.
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