In an effort to promote his new production of Oscar Wilde's Salome which runs in LA through May 14, Al Pacino created a podcast, located on the show's webpage. Though in theory there will be several episodes, there's currently only one (and it went up almost three weeks ago) -- but since the site offers the option of subscribing to the podcast's feed, it seems reasonable to hope there will be more.

In the current episodes, Pacino introduces the play, wears Crocs, explains his reasons for staging the show as a reading rather than a full production (I'm not sure I buy it, but he claims that period costumes would distance the audiences from the story -- call me crazy, but can't you just stage it in modern dress? It strikes me that seeing people walking around with scripts would be at least as distracting as period clothing.), and discusses whether Salome is going to get naked (they're working on it). It also includes footage of readings, so you can get an idea of what the production looks like. If you're not in LA, never fear -- there's always the movie, which is expected to hit festivals later this year.

[via Digg, WSJ]
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