One of the main reasons I love the SXSW Film Festival so much is that you can go to one of their parties as just one nerdly little movie critic -- and end up sitting down with a pair of very cool young filmmakers and getting drunk all night. One year it happened with the Dead & Breakfast gang and this past March it was the delightful Darkon crew ... but last year, Dave and Tina Payne were a whole lot of special fun. (She was Tina Illman last year, so I guess congratulations are in order!!)

I'd never met Dave and Tina prior to seeing their flick Reeker, but once I met the duo and let them know I really dug their movie -- well, let's just say we sat down and partied as only hardcore horror nerds can. That was about 14 months ago, but I've always kept an eye on Reeker, wondering when the flick would make its damn debut already. Looks like it might finally be happening, because Twitch is now presenting a pair of clips from the stink-laden horror tale -- and I think any hardcore horror fan will get a big kick out of 'em. Reeker is about a group of traveling party-goers who find themselves stuck at a dusty old rest stop where a certain smelly entity treats them to the stink of raw death before doling out some pretty nasty demises. The cast includes Devon Gummersall, Eric Mabius, Arielle Kebbel, Derek Richardson, Marcia Strassman, and Michael Ironside. Yes, I said Michael Ironside.

No concrete word yet on who'll be distributing Reeker, nor when or in what format (DTV, cable, theatrical?), but it's a title the horror geeks should definitely keep a red circle on. It's good, freaky, genre-lovin' fun.