Gael Garcia Bernal in The King

Hey Movie Fans,

Judging by your comments with regard to my recent pro-
'Mission: Impossible III' posts, two things seem to be clear.

1) Those of you who don't want to see the movie REALLY don't want to see the movie -- as in you'd rather get a root canal while simultaneously being punched in the face by an enraged, kung-fu-practicing monkey. And it's not just 'M:i:III' you don't want to see. It's any movie starring
Tom Cruise.

2) Those of you who saw 'M:i:III' loved it.

So I'll just say this to wrap up the whole 'M:i:III' weekend Tom Cruise debate: I respect both positions. I personally try to look at movies like a surgeon looks at his patients -- objectively and without emotion. So if a movie looks good, I'll go see it even if I don't necessarily agree with the star's political leanings and/or romantic choices. And if a movie looks crappy, no way you're going to get me to sit through it. That said, if
Rachel McAdams were in a movie about the joyous art of sewing, I'd probably go see it.

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and come back this week for some more illuminating movie insights from yours truly.

Until next time,

Tommy D.

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