With the first trailer for Oliver Stone'sWorld Trade Center set to hit any day now, the website for the film has gone live with an exceptional featurette. Look, I'm not big on movie websites. I'm not interactive. I don't want to play "Find the lead character's toothbrush and catch a sneak peak of a three-second scene." I hate those websites on which there's a screen with thirty different objects on it, all of them slowly moving for no reason -- you end up clicking for an hour, cursing at the wall, when all you wanted to do was find the stupid synopsis.

In saying that, I was pleasantly surprised by the website for World Trade Center. The opening featurette takes us on a brief tour through the film by blending beautiful still photographs and interviews with the two Port Authority police officers the film is based on. For a film that was almost entirely shot out west, it appears (just from these pics) as if Stone really captured the essence of that day. If you have nothing to do for the next few minutes, head on over and check it out. World Trade Center hits theaters August 9.

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