Check it out: Halle Berry is going to be in a movie in which she doesn't wear a dumbass costume! Go Halle! She's been cast in Dreamworks' Thing We Lost in the Fire, a refreshingly quiet-sounding movie about a woman dealing with the sudden death of her husband. Starring alongside Berry will be Benicio Del Toro, who will play the husband's "troubled" best friend. After the death, Berry's character invites the messed-up friend to move in with her family, and "as the friend turns his life around, he helps the grief-stricken family confront their loss."

I'm probably being a sucker here, but I gotta say that this sounds promising -- Del Toro can be wonderfully subtle when he feels like it, and the movie might be Berry a chance to remember that she can act. The pair will be directed by Susanne Bier, a Dane who will be making her American debut with the film (we mentioned her a few months ago when it was announced that Zach Braff will be directing a remake of her Open Hearts).
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