Nobody seems to know the state of affairs regarding the X-Men film franchise. While it seems unlikely for a studio to can such a money-maker (presuming the third film performs as well as the first two), but a trilogy is a pretty standard film count and The Last Stand does sound pretty final. Director Brett Ratner and some studio execs have been insisting it is indeed the final film, while others, including writers and Patrick Stewart himself are suggesting otherwise. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show, Famke Janssen (the actress who portrays X-Man Jean Grey) offered a statement which actually manages to provide rumor fodder for both camps at the same time. When asked about further films, she said "They call it The Last Stand and I think they have every intention of this being the last X-Men movie," she said. "But then, you never know."

So if you want to believe this is the final film, her statement fits right in with what you want to hear. However, if you are pulling for the franchise to continue, you can cling to the last bit of her comment. Basically, she admitted the possibility is still open, but unlikely. Or something like that ... At any rate, Janssen is interested in returning, if the opportunity should come up. In response to a question about her interest in continuing the role, she laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess at some point, Jean Grey can go in a wheelchair like Professor X ..."
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