Yep, there are two on the way -- apparently the breaking of the 9/11 movie seal has given the green light to everyone who wants to make a movie about a terrorism-related, sensitive subject. (Hooray for Hollywood, right? Woo freaking hoo.) The first Pearl film, about which there are precious few details, is based on his widow's recently-published book, A Mighty Heart; that one seems to be in the early planning stages. Things are moving ahead, however, on Pearl film #2, a thriller "inspired by" French journalist/egomaniac Bernard-Henri Levy's Who Killed Daniel Pearl?, a book that tries to prove Levy's belief that Pearl was killed because he "may have uncovered complicity between the Pakistani secret service and Al Qaeda."

The Levy-based film will be heavily fictionalized, at least partially to avoid conflict with the other Pearl project. For example, in a move so typical of Hollywood that it's hardly worth mentioning, on-screen Levy will be transformed into an American celebrity broadcaster named Henry Bernard (I'm thinking he's basically Anderson Cooper). But of course. The film will, however, be shot on location rather than on a lot (or in Toronto), and scouts are currently looking for sites in Morocco, Dubai, and Tunisa.

The latter film will be directed by Kip Williams, with Josh Lucas (who actually looks sort of like the reporter) as the Pearl character; shooting is expected to begin this fall.
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