Josh Lucas recently announced his interest in playing the part of Harvey Dent (AKA Two Face) in Christopher Nolan's upcoming sequel to last summer's box office hit Batman Begins. It turns out the man wasn't speaking lightly, he really wants this part, and has appealed to the world writ large to help him obtain it. He recently pleaded with the Batman Begins team to give him a call, and then pleaded with the fans to do their part, saying "I do want to do it, I love the rumor; please keep it up." He then went on to talk about why he was interested in the character, discussing the intrinsic duality of Two Face and how appealing the challenge of such would be to an actor.

The enthusiasm exhibited by Lucas is fantastic. While there are several great actors with their hats in the ring for this part, I certainly think Lucas is a viable candidate. It'll be quite interesting to see if this little personal publicity campaign does him any good. Presumably the studio already has a solid idea of who they are interested in ... but maybe his energy will catch someone's attention.

[via BoF]
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