I never thought much of Neve Campbell's acting chops (she seems ever-so-pouty in various movie and TV roles), and aside from her solid turn in Robert Altman's The Company, I thought she disappeared from the movie scene. But it looks like she's been busy: she's made a film with James Toback and is now joining the cast of Richard Attenborough's (Chaplin, Shadowlands) romance Closing the Ring, which boasts a cast consisting of Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer, Brenda Fricker and Pete Postlethwaite. (And, as we reported in February, stick figure Mischa Barton is going to be there for some reason as well.) The picture is a World War II story about a dying gunner who crashes his plane in Northern Ireland and asks a local to return his ring to his girlfriend in America. Apparently it takes the local fifty years to complete the quest. The movie is Attenborough's first feature film since 1999's The Grey Owl.

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