Odds and ends for Monday:

  • Catherine Keener and Ellen Page (Hard Candy) have signed on to star in Tommy O'Haver's thriller, The Basement. Pic, which is based on the actual court transcripts of a real event, tells the story of a seemingly normal housewife (Keener) who decides to take one of her seven kids and imprison her in the basement. Set in the 1960s, the events that followed not only shocked the nation, but also probably contributed to the fact that most of us are terrified of what's downstairs.
  • After originally penning the screenplay, then stepping off the director's chair, Chris Weitz (About a Boy, American Pie) has jumped back on to helm The Golden Compass. Based on Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, pic will mark the first installment in what will be New Line's most expensive since The Lord of the Rings films. Weitz replaces Anand Tucker, who left the project due to "creative differences," and production will begin this November to be released sometime in 2007.
  • After all these years, the FCC is finally giving Martin Scorcese sh*t over his use of foul language in the TV mini-series The Blues. The director, who is fond of cussing in such films as Goodfellas and, well, a bunch more, fired back at FCC officials who claimed the language featured was unnecessary. Scorcese claimed the language was "essential" and defined an era in which blues musicians used their foul mouths as a way to stand up to a society dominated by whites in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Yeah, now the F-bomb is used by teenagers as a way to make their parents feel guilty for not buying them a brand new BMW. My, how far we've come.
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