Hollywood Elsewhere's Jeff Wells opened up a politely-worded can of whup-ass the other day all over MCN's David Poland for what he called Poland's slamming of the Al Gore-global-warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, as a film "no one really wants to see" (note: I tried to find the actual piece where Poland wrote this and couldn't, so perhaps Poland said this in a private conversation). At any rate, as Mark noted the other day, Gore has been everywhere promoting his film, which he calls the "ultimate action flick", but Poland's not the only one questioning whether people really care enough about the issue of global warming to shell out their cash to see the flick, much less make major lifestyle changes as a result.

The Hollywood Reporter's Anne Thompson wrote a piece the other day on the filmmakers' tireless promotion of the doc, which will be showing at Cannes in spite of having already opened at other fests, and how Paramount Classics is taking a risk opening a documentary about global warming against X-3 on Memorial Day weekend.

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