War movies, while typically exciting, are a very depressing bunch. Even those of the genre that showcase victories or inhabit a nationalistic honor have enough casualties and horrors to affect the emotions of their audience. However, there is a kind of movie more tragic than the war movie, and that is the lost-war movie. American cinema has been dealing for decades with our defeat in Vietnam with a large number of movies that show the ill-fated battles and/or the devastating aftereffects of the war. Recently we have been given war films from other perspectives, as well. The 2004 German film Downfall presents an amazing account of Hitler's last days, while The Blood of My Brother, a documentary that screened at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, shows the consequences of our latest war with Iraq from the Iraqi point of view. And Argentina's loss of the Falklands War is dealt with in Tristán Bauer's stunning film Blessed by Fire, which was recently awarded the top narrative prize at this year's Festival.