It happens every time a successful show ends a television run (by cancellation or just of natural causes), especially a popular sci-fi or fantasy series. The inevitable "there is going to be a movie sequel" rumor pops up and spreads like wildfire. Alias, of course, has been no exception. Practically as soon as the popular series finale was announced rumors of a film began circulating. Creator J.J. Abrams said the show already has a fantastic ending (in a two-hour episode) and he's perfectly happy with the way the show is going out.  When asked about a movie, he replied by saying "I think at the moment, right now Alias is sort of going to rest in just the right way, so I think that it's the right way for it to go out."

Joss Whedon doomed all television series creators for all time after Firefly became a motion picture. The successful petitioning of his crazy, devoted fans brought a movie sequel to a finished TV franchise, and the fans perceive themselves -- rightfully so -- as having a big part in making that happen. This means for the next several decades every TV director will have to answer a ton of movie sequel questions from industry writers and fans alike.

[via sci fi wire]
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