Just when you're sure that the MPAA is the single silliest ratings board on the planet ... now comes word that the British Board of Film Classification was threatening to give The Da Vinci Code a certification of 15+ (one assumes it's the Britquivelant of an R rating) because of the musical score. Yes, you heard me: I said the score. Oh, and the sound effects. Too creepy for the 12+ rating, apparently.

Seems that Hans Zimmer's final music track has a few too many jumps & jolts for those sensitive Brit movie-raters, and they actually had producers tone down the music / sound effects before they'd hand out the coveted 12+ rating. Funny, I know.

So with Zimmer's score a bit mellower and a few of the "bone crunches" less ... crunchy, The Da Vinci Code got its 12+ rating, and all is now right in the world. One can only assume that Americans can enjoy the PG-13 Code with full-on Zimmer-blares and extra-nasty bone crunches. Cuz we love that kind of stuff.
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