I'll confess right up front the main reason behind my desire to write up this story is I find the entire scenario particularly amusing. I grew up as a gamer of many fields; I was a button masher, a card flopper, and a dice chucker,* and anyone who spent any notable amount of time around this scene prior to 2000 most assuredly remembers the humorously bad attempt made at a Dungeons and Dragons movie five or so years back. The movie was roundly mocked by critics, and many fans of the RPG were even harder on the film than the critics had been.

Well the director of said fiasco is back on the scene working on a new horror flick called An American Haunting; and one of his primary goals with the film is to overcome the terrible memories and reputation he got stuck with after the profound failure of his first film. In a recent talk with Sci Fi Wire, director Courtney Solomon admitted "I wished I could have made a better movie ... I have nothing to defend. They were right, I was wrong. It is what it is. Everybody makes mistakes, and I got on the bicycle and hope to keep on driving." Solomon said he has greater control over this film, and he hopes to he has confidence in his ability to move on from his D&D days. For his sake, I hope he's right; nobody wants to be the next Uwe Boll.

*I still dabble in some of these when I have the time, although currently what little free time I have for gaming seems to be occupied by assembling small plastic boats and declaring myself to be a pirate captain.
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