Ok, hands up if you're surprised by the news that The Weinstein Company is going to make a movie version of Knight Rider. Yeah, that's what I thought -- I see three hands. Despite the fact that, thus far, big-screen versions of TV classics (using the word loosely, in some cases) have for the most part not only been criticallylambasted but also box officefailures, Hollywood seems to have a wild hair about the concept, and are clearly determined to beat that horse until its good and dead (while I sit here and gleefully mix my metaphors). Weirdly, the IMDb already has a listing for the film, starring David Hasselhoff -- a project that must be either dead or made-up.

What's going to be even more fun that then inevitable "If The Hoff's not in it, I'm not going!" versus "OMG! Owen Wilson would be so great in this!" debates is the fact that TWC apparently see this thing as having "franchise potential." Come on -- what's better than a whole lot of movies about a talking car?
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