The cast of upcoming Sci-Fi/thriller flick The Mutant Chronicles is beginning to round out. Added to the already announced duo of Thomas Jane and John Malkovich will now be actors Stephen Rea and Ron Perlman, bringing the film's comic book movie star stock up a notch or two. The movie, based on a popular RPG, is also being turned into a comic book series, so the compilation of actors seems a very good fit. German actor Benno Furmann is also set to join the cast under director Simon Hunter. Furmann will play an old nemesis of Tom Jane (Jane is an old Marine) who finds himself forced into working side by side with Jane because they are both fighting for the same cause.

I've got to say, this film is assembling a cast I find quite impressive -- a good fit for 23rd century Marines versus NecroMutants film. I know it sounds amazingly ridiculous (and really, it is), but this film already appeals to me. Heck, anything that teams up Hellboy, the Punisher, and Inspector Finch earns itself at least one viewing from me. Filming is set to start this summer, but no projected/desired release dates have been announced as yet. Stay tuned to Cinematical for further updates as this project gets underway.
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