First of all, could someone please explain to me what a "sketch comedy feature" is? Is that the way that the trades just started to describe really loosely-plotted movies like the Scary Movie series? Or is it something new entirely? I'm very confused. Whatever it is, Parental Guidance Suggested is one, and it sounds so, so bad that you wonder about the sanity of everyone involved, particularly those who are paying to get it made. Crazy, the lot of them.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will star Frankie Muniz (He's really making great non-Malcolm in the Middle choices, huh? How 'bout that Agent Cody Banks?) as "a teen who loses his virginity to his girlfriend ... only to find she wants to take things much further, including farm animals and midgets." Whew. Sorry, had to take a break there, because I was laughing so hard there were tears coming out of my eyes. But wait -- it gets better! Also in the film are Matthew Lillard (who, to my great shame, I actually like), Jamie Kennedy and Andy Milonakis, whose character "falls in love with an electric vagina." Honestly. There are no words.
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