That wacky Patrick Stewart is at it again, calling out Fox and director Brett Ratner. Some time ago Stewart said the studio's insistence of X-Men3 being the final chapter in the movie franchise was probably nothing more than a ploy to get more bodies in the theater seats. At the time, this ran contrary to everything we'd heard about sequel potential, but since then a few other voices have indicated Stewart might be on the right track. And today Stewart came out swinging at the no sequel rumors yet again, telling Empire Online "When it comes to it you can never say it's the last because a lot of it is about economic drive. The first two films were among the most successful films ever, if the third would continues that theme, I would imagine there's a strong possibility that within a short while a fourth one might be in the planning." Stewart also indicated he'd absolutely love to return to the franchise, saying "This is a smashing world to inhabit every few years. I like my character very much, he's an admirable character."

I know a lot of you out there are expecting Ratner to fail, and fail miserably (and I might count myself among your number).  Some of you are even secretly hoping the film is awful just so you can scream about how Ratner destroyed it (yeah I might be there too). However, ultimately the desire for more films wins out in my heart, and I hope Ratner manages to not sink the ship ... just in case he manages to pass it off to a new captain when he's done.
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