If you've read The Da Vinci Code (Seriously, it's okay to admit you never read it -- we won't make fun of you.), then you're familiar with the mysterious Opus Dei featured prominently in the book. Well, the real-life organization, which is made to look like some sort of freaky Catholic cult in the novel, is protesting Ron Howard's refusal to include the "this movie is fiction" disclaimer they requested in his film.

The director, who has already faced a ton of criticism from the Vatican, states that there's really no need to have a disclaimer since it's obvious the film is fiction. You know, because it's, um, a movie. Sure, there will be groups and organizations featured that are real, but the characters and story are not. Howard says, "It's not theology. It's not history. To start off with a disclaimer ... spy thrillers don't start off with disclaimers."

And he's right. I think. However, seeing as the book and film's themes are so controversial, do you think it would be wise to throw up a disclaimer to keep the peace? I mean, I chose not to watch The Passion of the Christ for my own personal reasons -- I'm curious, did it open with a disclaimer? One that said something like, "We're not sure if this whole thing actually happened this way because we weren't there ... but you never know?"

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