Director Michael Bay is really starting to gear up for his mighty venture of turning the very popular '80's robot series The Transformersinto a modern film. Casting news continues to be revealed by the day, and today is no exception.  So in today's short update on the newest cast member to join the daily-growing human cast for Michael Bay's combination live-action/CGI flick we present to you popular sitcom star Bernie Mac. Mac will be joining the already announced cast of Shia LaBeouf, Jon Voight, Megan Fox, John Turturro, John Robinson and Travis Van Winkle.

Mac was rumored to be joining the cast several weeks ago, and has given official confirmation this week. He will be playing the part of "the salesman." In case you don't remember the casting call description, Mac's character "could sell ice to an Eskimo ... your typical wheelin' dealin' used car salesman." Don't get too excited though, Mac fans. According to the original call, the part is only a one-scener. If you want a reminder of the character outlines, you can dig the full casting call here. Maybe it'll tide you over while you patiently wait for information of the important part of the film -- the Transformers themselves.
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