Variety is reporting this morning that Sony has bought a pitch entitled Beautiful from Delia Ephron (AKA Nora's less-famous sister), and hired Ephron herself to write the screenplay. Set in the deep, dark world of fashion (Man, if The Devil Wears Prada is a success, look out -- we'll never be free of fashion movies again), the movie is a thriller about "a high-powered woman ... whose vanity jeopardizes everything she holds dear." In addition to mentioning Dorian Gray (which, incidentally, is currently being remade AGAIN), producer Cary Brokaw also -- and rather oddly, given its summary -- compares Beautiful to Fatal Attraction. Sort of. According to Brokaw, the movie is "not as extreme as Fatal Attraction, but it's spooky." Well, OK. But, since that's a description that can apply to roughly 150 films every year, it's really not very helpful, is it?

That said, however, it's at least a little promising that this story about "The extremes to which people, particularly women, go to, and the pressure on appearance" was written by a woman -- at least right now, we can hold out hope that it might actually have some depth, and perhaps dig a little into the motivation of the character. Rather than, you know, just talking about how she has to have plastic surgery if she's over 35 and wants to be pretty, or something.
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