It's shaping up to be a big week in the happy marriage of Hollywood and the gaming industry -- according to the trades, we can now add two more to the long-gestating Reservoir Dogs game that was announced last Thursday.

The news of a Hellboy game is probably the most exciting to movie fans because it's being created with the involvement of both the movie's director, Guillermo del Toro (Apparently he's a big gamer -- who knew?), and the creator of the Hellboy comics, Mike Mignola. The duo are involved in all aspects of the game, from "approving the designs for characters and sets" to "selecting the voices, color pattern and lighting," as well as story direction and score. Del Toro is approaching the game very much like a movie, and feels that the opportunities offered by next generation technology will eventually lead to the meshing of film and game: "In the next decade ... You have to start blending [movies and games] into a single universe. Not a tie-in, not an ancillary market for a brand, you have to think of the storytelling universe as being one and the same. That's the future." Wait a second -- a film director who views movie-related games as more than just cash cows? Holy crap.

In addition, a game based on Michael Mann's magnificent Heatis finally in the works, so far without the involvement of anyone from the movie (though the goal is get to the film's stars to provide voices). According to a representative of Regency Enterprises, they're moving into the gaming world now because "The success of the special edition DVD last year reminded us how ... Heat is truly a modern day classic and deserved to be retold using modern technology that will transport a viewer into that world." Uh huh. Speaking of cash cows ...
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