As much as I like to rag on M. Night Shyamalan for designing all his films to conclude with some crazy twist, only to piss us off when the twist, well, sucks -- I still enjoy his work. Regardless of what everyone says about him, there's a creepy, smart and original vibe to his pictures that keep me heading back to the theater upon his latest offer.

While, like all his premises, this summer's Lady in the Water looked promising, I haven't seen enough of it to form an opinion. However, after just watching the latest extended trailer, I must say it appears to be not what I expected at all. Perhaps the tagline, "A Bedtime Story" was throwing me off, shoving sweet and adorable thoughts into my head. Part of me was thinking, "If he wrote this for his kids or with his kids in mind, then there's no way the film will get wild and freaky, right?" Well, judging from the trailer, this film will forever alter my idea of the traditional bedtime story. Pic hits theaters on July 21.