These days, whenever a studio says a film's plot is being kept hush-hush, under lock and key, and with a big, burly bodyguard standing watch, it's even more of a reason for "the internet" to uncover the truth. That being said, the folks over at Latino Review got their hands on a draft of Ocean's 13 and essentially let the fat cat out of the bag.

For those of you extremely out of the loop, George Clooney and his band of merry A-listers are returning for yet another fancy, good-looking heist sequel ... only this time without Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Recently, it was announced that Al Pacino will play a casino owner in 13 alongside another new addition in Ellen Barkin. Oh, and how can we forget those Ali G rumors too.

Without giving away too much of the plot (you'll have to travel to Latino Review for that), the gang is back in Vegas and up to their old tricks again. According to the script review, with words like 'cool,' 'fun' and 'light-hearted,' the film looks very promising. Just so you're warned, it carries tons of major spoilers, so if you're not interested in finding out who gets naked first, then I suggest waiting until the film hits in summer of 2007.

[via JoBlo]

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