You can't keep a good film down. Well okay ... a passable film. It's no secret a thirdResident Evilfilm is on the way, building on the undeniably mediocre success of the first two. Resident Evil: Extinction will serve as the finale to the video game franchise's film run; a run which was easily among the most successful for a video game-to-movie titles. The final film will see the return of most of the franchise's stars, most notably of course being Milla Jovovich. A new actress can now be added to the list, as singer/actress Ashanti's official website now declares she will be joining the film's cast. No indication of what part she will be playing has been offered as yet.

I will never forgive Ashanti for the fiasco that was Muppets Wizard of Oz. I know she didn't write it or anything but the film hurt my soul, and she was a big part of the reason. Don't get me wrong ... I still loved the Muppets (and always will), but the flick could have been a whole lot better, starting with the casting of Dorothy. Hm, this post took a pretty radical turn there, from killer zombie flick to the Muppets. I'd apologize for it, but there's never a reason to apologize for talking about the Muppets.
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