Huh. So, Julia Roberts' presence in a poorly-reviewed production of a little-known play coincides with a deal for that play's movie rights -- nothing more than a coincidence, right? Though she's held the option for two years, Deborah Reinischjust now got motivated to pick up the rights to Richard Greenberg's Three Days of Rain; Reinisch plans to produce and direct the film version from an adaptation by Greenberg himself.

The play, which had its first run in 1997 Off-Broadway (even then, it had a cast full of people we know: John Slattery, Patricia Clarkson, and Bradley Whitford), is set in both 1995 and 1960, and "follows a brother, sister and their childhood friend, who regroup following the death of the siblings' father, a celebrated architect." According to Reinisch, the story's real theme is how little children know about their parents -- is that something movie audiences are going to want to see? While the play's short run is box office gold, people would pay to see Julia Roberts doing laundry on stage, so I'm not sure that's a sign that the movie will do equally well. Plus, there's no reason to believe that either Roberts or co-stars Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper will appear in the film.

Has anyone seen or read the play? What do you think -- is it movie material?
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