Well, I think it's safe to add everyone at Nokia and Casio to the list of people sick to death of Tom Cruise. According to a long article in today's Hollywood Reporter, some of Mission: Impossible III's production partners are struggling to get approval of their movie-related advertising campaigns from Cruise's Cruise/Wagner production company. Because Cruise is not only the star but also a producer of the film, he has an unusual degree of control (Tom Cruise? Control? Never!) over affiliated advertising, and C/W has been nixing campaigns and products right and left, even those that don't bear his image.

The THR article focuses specifically on the struggles of Casio and Nokia, both of which are featured prominently in the film (though Nokia apparently didn't receive quite the deal they expected -- "a competitor's products wound up in the movie despite assurances that Nokia would have placement exclusivity in the telecommunications category." Dang.), and had planned to launch extensive, MI3-related advertising campaigns to coincide with the film's release. Casio, though, was denied a US release of special-edition watches by C/W, and Nokia never succeeded in getting their print ads approved.

While the article points out that many A-list actors are very careful when it comes to film-related promotions, the timing of this news doesn't do much for Cruise's badly-damaged public image. (And, just so we're clear, Tom, it's you that's done the damage -- not advertisers.)
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