Welcome to "Who Wants to Date Me?" -- a weekly feature in which I'll talk a little bit about the gorgeous gals starring in this week's big summer releases and then open up the floor to debate as to which one of these lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be) ladies should date me.
Lindsay Lohan
From 'Just My Luck,' there is perennial gossip magnet Lindsay Lohan. On the pro side, she's looking pretty good these days, and her character in 'Luck' can erase a guy's misfortunes just by kissing him. Not a bad perk. On the con side, she's a tad young (only 19) AND she's dated Wilmer Valderrama. Dateability Rating: 4
Samaire Armstrong
Lohan's 'Luck' co-star Samaire Armstrong, on the other hand, is 25, has a Valderrama-free romantic past and a quirky indie-rock look, which I kind of dig. She's also always full of tons of sage advice when she appears as Anna on 'The O.C.' Dateability Rating: 7
Jacinda Barrett
'Poseidon' offers a trifecta of brunette beauties who are just drowning in hotness (and the ocean): Jacinda Barrett, Emmy Rossum and Mia Maestro. The only 'Real World' alum to successfully parlay her stint on the MTV show into a real acting career, Barrett has a sexy Australian accent, a kickin' bod and enough confidence to show the "Full Monty" in 'The Human Stain.' Her only flaw: She's currently sporting brown locks instead of her natural strawberry blonde. Dateability Rating: 8
Emmy Rossum
The petite Rossum looks like she could be the girl next door or the inspiration for a classical sculpture. Plus, she's got a lot of spunk (see our AIM interview with her for proof). Unfortunately, she's also only 19 -- but her statuesque features and sophisticated manner make her appear much older. I'm not trying to rationalize, though. She's clearly a young-in. Dateability Rating: 6
Mia Maestro
And last but not least, Argentine actress Maestro, aka Jennifer Garner's little sis on 'Alias,' rounds out this week's dating pool. She sings, she dances, she acts, she loves scuba diving and she's got the cutest accent since Penelope Cruz. Dateability Rating: 8
I know it's a tough call, but which one of these gorgeous, talented women should I date? Which would you date?
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