Since 1998, Quentin Tarantino has hosted QT Fest in Austin every year or so. For a week each time, he shows films from his personal collection, grouping them loosely by subject matter: biker-film night, Italian crime film night, sexploitation night, and the traditional all-night horror-film marathon. Last week, Tarantino returned to Austin for Best of QT Fest, in which he showed his favorite films from the series. Despite being an Austinite, I had never attended a QT Fest movie before, and wasn't sure I wanted to watch a bunch of grindhouse and horror and martial-arts films. But I decided that I needed to broaden my filmgoing horizons and see movies in different genres -- plus, many QT Fest films are not available on DVD and are rarely screened. And happily, Best of QT Fest turned out to be a blast. I was a little sorry I didn't go every night, although seven consecutive nights of double and triple-features, including an all-nighter, would have been a little punishing.
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